UCC Faith Community Nurse Membership

UCC Faith Community Nurse Membership

Membership description

Professional registered nurses who serve (or are interested in serving) as parish nurses (paid or volunteer), who are UCC members, and/or who serve congregations of the UCC.

Membership goals

To provide support for congregational health ministers and parish nurses in the UCC by facilitating networking between individuals and/or congregations for collaboration and peer consult by working with the UCC national office to maintain a mailing list or directory.

To collaborate with the UCC national office to provide additional opportunities for networking, including continuing education events and/or spiritual renewal retreats, possibly in conjunction with other groups interested in issues relating to integration of faith and health such as the UCC Physicians' Network.

To consult with the UCC national office to develop and make available information and resources to assist UCC congregations and institutions in starting and developing congregational health ministries and parish nurse programs.

To represent congregational health ministry and parish nursing within the UCC denomination at wider church gatherings (such as General Synod, CHHSM Convocation, conference, and association gatherings) through activities such as informational booths, the offering of health screenings or workshops to promote wholeness, etc. or to advocate for the church to respond to health issues (including public policy) from a faith perspective that understands health and wellness as a vision of God's intended shalom.

To act as the bridge between the nursing profession, parish nursing within other faith communities, and the United Church of Christ, promoting dialogue and serving as consultants to address issues concerning professional nursing standards of practice and denomination expectations of parish nursing as a specialized area of ministry.

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Contact Info

Michael Schuenemeyer
Executive for Health and Wholeness Advocacy
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115