Paid Sick Days

Paid Sick Days


Workers have to make choices like: Taking care of a sick child… or get paid; help your ailing parent…or keep your job; stay home because you have the flu…or go to work sick.

Did you know that 57 million people don’t have a single paid sick day?  Those of us with paid sick days sometime it for granted.  Unfortunately, the reality is that according to the National Partnership for Women and Families, nearly half (48%) of private-sector workers – and nearly 80% of low-wage workers – do not have paid sick days to care for their own heath.  And nearly 100 million workers don’t have paid sick days to care for a sick child. 

Currently there are no federal or state laws that require employers to guarantee paid sick days to working people.  At the federal level, the Healthy Families Act, introduced by Sen. Edward Kennedy and Rep. Rosa Delauro, is gaining momentum this Congress.  The Healthy Families Act would guarantee workers up to seven paid sick days per year to recover from an illness, to care for a sick family member or to attend doctor visits.  Currently, we need for cosponsors on the House side and specifically from Blue Dog Democrats before this bill can be moved into a committee.  The Senate is working toward a mark-up of this bill.

Justice and Witness is part of the Ohio Healthy Families Act Coalition that is seeking to pass legislation in the state of Ohio that would guarantee up to seven days paid sick leave.  The following states are also initiating campaigns this year:  CA, AK, MN, IL, WV, NC, PA, VT, CT, ME, MA.  The District of Columbia, San Francisco and New Jersey have already passed this legislation.

For more information on this campaign and how your state/city could get involved, go to

In addition to having Paid Sick Days, people must be able to get the medical care they need, have access to it and be able to afford it.  Paid Sick Days and Health Care Reform work hand in hand!

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