Help Us Build a "Wall of Woe"

Help Us Build a "Wall of Woe"

 Help us build a "Health Care Wall of Woe" (focusing on health care injustices)

The Health Care Justice Program, Justice and Witness Ministries of the United Church of Christ and the Faith Project of the Universal Health Care Action Network are collaborating with Congressman John Conyers' office,
Minority Health Project of Families USA and other faith traditions and grassroots organizations to build a "Health Care Wall of Woe." The "Wall of Woe" is a compilation of stories, pictures, poems, news articles, etc. that reflect the woes, suffering and hardships that you, a relative, a friend, and/or members of your congregation have endured because of inequities and injustices in the U.S. health care system. WE NEED YOUR STORIES! The stories will be used to construct a wall display that will be a visual tool to educate and inform law-makers that there is a real health care crisis in this country?A crisis that needs real, workable solutions! And, most importantly, a crisis that the faith community will not let law-makers ignore! Faith traditions must lift their moral voices and speak prophetically that health care is a basic right for everyone!

Do You Have A Story To Tell? We Want To Hear It! Lost your health care? Can't get to the doctor? Forced to chnage your health care provider? Feel you were not treated in a caring way? Worried about a symptom but have no health insurance? Can't afford your medicines? Are out of pocket costs too high? Turned away because you owe a past bill? Made to feel uncomfortable because of race, ethnicity or income?

Please send us your short stories, etc. today!. We prefer two pages, but no more than four. And, we reserve the right to edit. For more information, please contact Barbara T. Baylor, MPH, Minister for Health and Wellness Programs 216-736-3708; Email:

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