Study Guide

Study Guide

Discussion questions for A Faithful Response: Calling for a More Just, Humane Direction for Economic Globalization

The following questions can be used to guide a discussion of the General Synod Pronouncement and Plan of Action. They are appropriate for adult education forums, conversations with friends, church board or committee meetings, association gatherings, and so forth.

1. How has economic globalization impacted you and your family? your community? the nation?

2. Please study Genesis 1:26–31, Exodus 3:7–12, and Mark 6:30–44. What do these scriptures say about our common responsibilities for God's creation and for the poor and marginalized? What are the implications for our resources and wealth? for power relationships among nations? Did God make a world of abundance or shortages? Is God's abundance enough for today's world with a population of over six billion people?

3. In Section VI, "What Is to Be Done?" the pronouncement states that the U.S. has a unique role to play in seeking greater welfare for all the world's people. Do you agree?

4. Some people argue that any job, no matter how unsafe or low paid, is better than no job. Do you agree? Can you think of situations that would indicate how exploited workers feel about this? (Consider boycotts and strikes.) Should people (in developed or developing countries) accept unsafe or very low-paying jobs, and environmental degradation as the cost of economic globalization?

5. Please read the Calls to Action in the Proposal for Action section What can you and your congregation do to lessen any negative impact of economic globalization?

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