Resolutions related to Globalization

Resolutions related to Globalization

General Synod Resolutions on Globalization, Trade and Debt

Calling on President Barack Obama to revisit and re-negotiate a more humane, democratic, and ecologically-sound version of the North American Free Trade Agreement (GS XXVII, 2009) 

Roles of church and government in addressing the global food crisis (GS XXVII, 2009): urges study and action around global food crisis

A Call to Awareness and Action to End the Practice of Trafficking in Persons (GS XXVII, 2009) calls the UCC to education and advocacy to end human trafficking.

Calling the United Church of Christ to declare itself a "fair trade" denomination (GS XXVI, 2007)

Calling on the UCC to Declare Itself to be a "Fair Trade" Denomonation (General Synod 25, 2005)

A faithful response: calling for a more just, humane direction for economic globalization (GS XXIV Prouncement, 2003) calls for the rules and institutions that shape economic globalization to be fundamentally changed.

A Call for Church wide Support for Oikokredit, USA (General Synod 24, 2003)

Calling for a more just, humane direction for economic globalization (GS XXIII, 2001): this resolution called for the pronouncement 

Ending the stranglehold of debt on impoverished nations (GS XXII, 1999)

Affirming democratic principles in an emerging global economy (GS XXI, 1999): support for unions, corporations to uphold human rights, advocate for just, democratic, participatory, and inclusive economic policies.

In support of international fair trade (GS XIX, 1993): The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is flawed and needs to be renegotiated.

Justice in the Maquiladoras (GS XVIII, 1991)

More Resolutions addressing economic justice and immigration

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