The Rich Life

The Rich Life

We asked members of our staff to share what moves them to do justice work. This month Rev. Ervin Milton, Director of the Franklinton Center, reflects on what it means to be truly wealthy.

The Rich Life

I say often that Jesus could have been a rich man just by taking donations from those that he healed.  But the fact was Jesus was a rich man because he experienced a rich life and showed us how to do so as well.  Therefore, I have learned to live a rich life by living examples that Jesus has given me.

One example is to care about other people.  When other people hurt, I hurt.  When they have joy, I have joy with them.  There are always persons around me that are hurting or in need.  Sometimes it is financial; other times, it may be the need of knowledge or just emotional support. I try to be there physically and emotionally when people need help.

I have specifically done that as The Director at Franklinton Center at Bricks.  I have tried to make the Center available to all persons regardless as to where they are on life’s journey.  I have tried to see that the financially rich as well as the poor either in money or in spirit have been welcomed.  I have wanted all to be treated with respect and dignity.  In doing so, many times I have felt that I had received more than I have given. 

Wealth comes to me through being at peace with myself and with others; it comes through being able to sleep at night and sitting at table with others; it comes through having enough physical goods to enjoy life each day and it comes through those around me having enough to enjoy life as well.

I am trying to live a full, rich life now and then later I will go to Heaven. Even though God/Jesus is present with me every moment of my life, I do not always experience it because I have to work for justice, peace and love. Therefore, I believe that one day I will be in Heaven, which is a place and/or state of being, where I will always be in the presence of God/Christ/Holy Spirit where justice, peace and love will be the eternal reality. Until then I will cling to the biblical verse Psalm 21:1-2.

“O LORD, in Your strength the king will be glad,
And in Your salvation how greatly he will rejoice!
You have given him his heart's desire,
And You have not withheld the request of his lips. Selah.”

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