Engaging the Spirit

Engaging the Spirit

As we engage in any form of ministry and consider how to live our lives more faithfully, we recognize the need to feed our spirits and to continually seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. Justice advocates, like all Christians, are strengthened and receive wisdom when we frequently, intentionally, and deeply seek the presence and will of God. When we are involved in the struggle for justice, we remember that our spirit fuels our work and therefore needs feeding.

To be justice people in a world overflowing with injustice is not an easy journey. We live in North America, a place of affluence for some, economic insecurity for many, and poverty for too many. In the world, the huge majority of people have fewer material resources than we do and lack things that we take for granted. Our economic position in the United States and the world prompts us to think carefully about what God is calling us to do and how God is calling us to live.

The practices described in this section are intended to deepen both our inner journeys to greater communion with God, and our outer journeys to greater commitment to and work for justice. These practices can inspire, feed, and encourage a deeper spiritual communion with God and commitment to our justice work. Keep in mind that listed here are just some of the many spiritual practices and resources that could be helpful.

Spiritual Practices

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