Global Poverty

Global Poverty

Around the world, nearly one billion people are hungry. Some 40 percent of the world’s population, approximately 2.6 billion people, has income below $2 per day.[1] Tragically, 8.8 million children die before their fifth birthday but, thankfully, that number is declining.[2] The poverty of the global South exists in stark contrast to the wealth in the global North and the abundance that God has blessed us with. Global poverty is not inevitable. There is enough for all if we share and care for each other.

UCC General Synod Resolutions and Pronouncements

 Roles of Church and Government in Addressing the Global Food Crisis  (General Synod 26, 2007) urges study and action around global food crisis.    

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[1] Data are for 2005 from World Bank Development Indicators, 2008.

[2]  Dugger, Celia A., “Child Mortality Rate Declines Globally,” New York Times, September 9, 2009  

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