Understanding Fair Trade

Understanding Fair Trade

Fair trade certification helps you know that the products described as "fairly traded" are in fact fairly traded.

Why Fair Trade Certified is a resource to help you and your congregation understand the certification process and the reasons for it.

Equal Exchange Model of Fair Trade explains how Equal Exchange, the UCC's partner, implements the fair trade model.

The fair trade movement is in crisis. The fundamental purpose of fair trade – to support small farmers in ways that are good for them, their communities, the environment, and consumers – is being challenged. Read Keep Fair Trade Fair: Don't Weaken the Standards.

As fair trade grows, questions arise about how to keep the movement attentive to the needs of small farmers.  Business Week, June 18, 2008, explores, "Is Fair Trade Becoming 'Fair Trade Lite'?"

The Equal Exchange Website posts background information and updates about all of its fairly traded products including coffee, tea, chocolate, cranberries, almonds, and pecans.

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