2008 UCC Coffee Project Annual Report

2008 UCC Coffee Project Annual Report

Participants in the UCC Coffee Project drink fairly traded coffee, tea, and cocoa, and eat fairly traded chocolate, nuts, and fruit snacks for justice.  What are the facts about how this project makes a difference? 

In 2008, the UCC Coffee Project sold 76,110 pounds (roughly 38 tons) of fairly traded coffee, tea, and food products.  That is an increase from 68,825 pounds (34.4 tons) in 2007, or more than 10 percent.

Coffee again made up the bulk of products sold this year (64,447 pounds), although the UCC Coffee Project sold 6,015 pounds of fairly traded chocolate in 2008.

Grand total sales of all fairly traded products by the UCC Coffee Project were $591,124.32 in 2008.

Our partner, Equal Exchange, donates 15 cents for each pound purchased to the UCC Small Farmer Fund, money being used today to help farmers in Kona, Hawaii form a fair-trade-certified coffee cooperative.  The UCC Small Farmer Fund grew by $11,417 in 2008.

We give thanks for the approximately nine hundred UCC congregations who have supported global economic justice when they placed 3,297 orders through the UCC Coffee Project during 2008. 

The United Church of Christ Coffee Project is a way that UCC congregations join hands with communities in the developing world. Through the project, small farmers and their families gain control over their lives, earn a fairer share of income, have access to credit and technical support, and gain a trading partner they can trust, a fair trade organization called Equal Exchange.

And, through the project, members of our congregations learn about consumption habits that support small scale farmers and workers throughout the world and encourage careful stewardship of God's creation. At fellowship hour, our congregations take action in a spirit of love.