Child Care and Early Education

Child Care and Early Education

Research demonstrates that quality pre-Kindergarten experiences prepare children socially and academically for school and that these experiences have lasting benefits. 

State Budget Crises in 2009 Endanger Efforts to Expand Early Education

Enriched early education programs are extremely dependent on state budgets, many of which have been threatened during 2009 because of the economic crisis that has reduced property, income, and sales tax revenues.  In October 2009, the PEW Center on the States reported on the fate of enriched pre-Kindergarten programs across the states. 

Important Links:

The National Women's Law Center devotes a full page of its website to "Child Care and Early Education."  Here you can find up-to-date resources about child care, early education and Head Start policy.

The National Head Start Association is an advocate for excellent Head Start programs and a clearinghouse for information about Head Start. Head Start programs support social and intellectual development as well as supporting parenting skills.  Nutrition and medical care are addressed.  Parents are encouraged to understand themselves as citizens with a responsibility for supporting children rather than as consumer parents seeking to purchase child care as a commodity. 

Finding quality child care is a significant dilemma for all parents no matter their economic level.  Parents who are poor struggle to be able to locate quality child care, to find accessible child care that accommodates their work schedule and transportation constraints, and to be able to pay for child care despite subsidies.  The Center for Law and Social Policy is an advocate for affordable, accessible, quality child care.

The Children's Defense Fund posts materials from its Early Childhood Development Division on issues around Head Start, early education and child care.

Advancing Quality Pre-K for All Children is a priority of the Pew Charitable Trust

On its website, the Annie E. Casey Foundation posts all the data on a mass of child indicators, state by state, in the annual Kids Count Data Book, an essential resource for child advocacy.

Here is a link to the "Early Care and Education" page of the website of Voices for America's Children.



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