Resolutions Supporting Worker Justice

General Synod Statements in Support of Workers’ Rights and Dignity

On numerous occasions the General Synod has expressed its belief that the United Church of Christ is called to support the rights and uphold the dignity of all workers, especially low-wage workers.

In 2005 in “For the Common Good,” General Synod XXV resolved that the UCC will “do justice and promote the common good by working actively to ensure full employment, dignity on the job, living wages, and sufficient income for everyone.” 

In 1997, General Synod XXI approved a resolution, “Affirming Democratic Principles in an Emerging Global Economy,” that “reaffirms the heritage of the United Church of Christ as an advocate for just, democratic, participatory and inclusive economic policies in both public and private sectors, including:

  • the responsibility of multinational corporations and international financial institutions to respect and hold themselves accountable to fundamental human rights, particularly with regard to child labor, employment of minorities, and wages that are adequate for local costs of living;
  • the responsibility of workers to organize for collective bargaining with employers regarding wages, benefits, and working conditions, and the responsibility of employers to respect not only worker rights but also workers' dignity, and to create and maintain a climate conducive to the workers’ autonomous decision to organize”

General Synod has also spoken specifically in support of farm workers (2001, 1999), hog processors (2007), coal miners (1993), and employees in all settings of the UCC (1995, 1997, 2005).


Ms. Edith Rasell, Ph.D.
Minister for Economic Justice
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115