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2014 International Day of Prayers for Peace

Sunday, September 21 is the International Day of Prayer for Peace. The United Church of Christ is partnering with On Earth Peace to lift up 9/21 as a day of prayer and education for peace. The 2014 theme is "Visions and Dreams of Building Peace," inspired by Acts 2 and Joel 2. Learn more about how your congregation can engage.

UCC advocates urge Congress to reject new sanctions on Iran

The relationship between the United States and Iran has taken a slight turn for the better, as progress has been made toward improved diplomatic relations and a short-term agreement is in place to end Iran's nuclear weapon program.  But United Church of Christ advocates for peace in the Middle East are urging members of Congress to pull back from efforts to apply new sanctions and instead allow for a diplomatic solution that would lead to improved relations and a chance for peace. Learn more and take action by calling on Congress to oppose new sanctions on Iran.

A tribute by Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite on the Life and Witness of Glen H. Stassen

Glen H. Stassen, friend of Jesus and peacemaker, died on April 26, 2014. Glen was a well-known and beloved Christian Ethics professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, and one of the primary architects of the paradigm of Just Peacemaking, as can be seen in the video clip above from a forthcoming documentary on this crucial fourth paradigm beyond Pacifism, Just War and Crusade. (Read more.)

Syria Updates

The time is now for people of faith to call on the U.S. government to pursue a political solution to the crisis in Syria. The United Church of Christ leadership is asking members to raise their collective voice and implore the government not to use a military strike against Syria, and instead use all diplomatic and humanitarian means to resolve the crisis. Learn more.

The United Church of Christ:  A Just Peace Church

The Just Peace Church vision is a hallmark of United Church of Christ theological identity.  For over two decades, the Just Peace Church pronouncement has inspried a grassroots movement of UCC congregations committed to corporately naming and boldly proclaiming a public identity as a justice-doing, peace-seeking church.  The Just Peace pronouncement articulated the UCC position on war and peace distinct from other approaches such as crusade, pacifism, or “just war.”  Grounded in UCC polity and covenantal theology, the position focuses attention on alleviating systemic injustice of all types using non-violence and calls us to offer the message, grounded in the hope of reconciliation in Jesus, that “Peace is possible.”

Justice and Witness Ministries is committed to a revitalized Just Peace Church movement and to empowering and resourcing congregations to create a stronger justice and peace witness. Now is the time to rekindle our commitment to Just Peace and make visible our longstanding witness to this approach.  To do so, we will be working to update the list of Just Peace Churches in the UCC and will keep this site up to date with educational resources.     

Does your church consider itself to be a Just Peace congregation? What is your church doing to live out its calling to be a Just Peace church?  What does it mean to be a Just Peace Church in times like these?  I hope you will take the time to update your church’s information on our site and offer your responses to these questions.   Your energy and voice is needed to reinvigorate and shape the direction of our collective movement.

For more information contact Michael Neuroth and join us in coversation via Facebook and Twitter @JustPeaceUCC.


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