Getting to the Root of It

As part of our monthly Justice and Peace Action Network newsletter, we asked members of our staff to help us unpack the complex justice issues that we’re working on. Using our General Synod pronouncements as the basis for these reflections, we hope to provide insights into the issues you care about that are rooted in our shared faith, and can inform your advocacy efforts.

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Just Peace: Needed now more than ever
December 3, 2014
December 2014. This month Rev. Michael Neuroth, our UCC Policy Advocate for International Issues, reflects on our tradition as a “Just Peace” denomination, and the challenge of sustaining hope and faith as we witness violence and injustice from Ferguson to Palestine.

Justice for Native Americans
November 5, 2014
November 2015. Sandy Sorensen, Director of the UCC Washington Office, reflects on the need for faithful advocates committed to healing, and reconciliation to keep the needs and interests of our Native brothers and sisters in focus as we journey and work together for justice.

Domestic Violence: Congress, the NFL, and the Church
October 1, 2014
October 2014. Kristen Walling, our UCC Public Policy Fellow, reflects on the challenges we face in attempting to address violence against women in a meaningful way and the vital role the church needs to play.

Literacy is a matter of Justice: Reading Changes Lives
September 8, 2014
September 2014. Darlene Collins, our UCC National Literacy Coordinator, reflects on literacy as a tool for eradicating poverty and creating a just community built on equality.

Adopting a Global Development Agenda to Bring the Kin-dom Closer to Earth
August 4, 2014
August 2014. This month Susan Lea Smith, our UCC representative to the Ecumenical Water Network of the World Council of Churches and Director of the Sustainable Environmental, Energy and Resources Law Program, Willamette University College of Law, reflects on our progress in achieving some of the UN's Millennium Development Goals, the work we have left to do, and how the next round of goals can truly reflect the coming of the Kin-dom.

Worth the Risk? Consider the factors behind the surge of unaccompanied children.
July 9, 2014
July 2014. Derek Duncan, Our Global Ministries Associate for Global Advocacy and Education, reflects on the growing number of unaccompanied children crossing our southern border. He explores why these children are coming to the U.S., what is the faith community is doing to respond, and what comes next.

U.S. Sponsored Torture
June 2, 2014
June 2014. Rev. Michael Neuroth, UCC Policy Advocate for International Issues, calls on us to recognize the continued use of U.S. sponsored torture and offers ways to engage with Torture Awareness Month.

We must Stand for Voting Rights
May 8, 2014
May 2014. Sandy Sorensen, Director of the UCC Washington Office, reflects on the importance of protecting voting rights, recent legal and legislative attacks which restrict access to the vote, and what we can do as advocates to ensure that all voices are heard.

Tax Day: A time to celebrate, lament, and (most of all) make a commitment to tax justice
April 1, 2014
April 2014. Edie Rasell, our Minister for Economic Justice, invites us to better understand how our taxes impact our communities, and commit to working for justice in our economic system.

Religious Liberty: Individuals, Corporations, and Reproductive Health
March 4, 2014
March 2014. Kristen Walling, our UCC Public Policy Advocate, reflects on the concept of religious liberty in light of recent Supreme Court cases related to reproductive heath and the Affordable Care act.

Legislative Priorities: Economic Inequality, Militarism & Voting Rights
February 5, 2014
February 2014. The staff from our UCC Washington office outlines their 2014 legislative priorities. Together they explore our call to address economic inequality, promote real human security, and work for a restoration of voting rights.

Thanks and Wishes for a Peaceful Holiday
December 12, 2013
December 2013. Christmas wishes from JWM Executive Minister, Rev. Linda Jaramillo.

The Doctrine of Discovery: Why it still Matters Today
November 1, 2013
November 2013. Elizabeth Leung, our Minister for Racial Justice, reflects on the Doctrine of Discovery - a theological document that originated in the early European church, and was (and is to this day) used as a legal basis for ignoring and invalidating claims to property by Native American Communities. Learn more about actions taken by General Synod 29 to address this injustice.

Heath insurance exchanges are opening – How can you help your neighbor?
October 1, 2013
October 2013. Yvonne Oliver, our Associate for Health Care Justice, updates us on the status of the Affordable Care Act and provides tips for how people of faith can act as resources for those in need of insurance through the new health care exchanges.

Sharing in God’s Abundance
August 1, 2013
August 2013. Edie Rasell, our Minister for Economic Justice, reflects on the role of taxes in our communities and General Synod’s recent call to advocate for a just tax system as a matter of Christian stewardship.

Why we still need affirmative action
June 3, 2013
June 2013. Elizabeth Leung, our Minister for Racial Justice, reflects on the importance of affirmative action in light of the pending Supreme Court Decision in Fisher v. University of Texas.

Tensions in Korea and the Need to Pursue Peace
May 1, 2013
May 2013. Derek Duncan, Associate for Global Advocacy and Education for our UCC/DOC Global Ministries reflects on rising tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Immigration, Migration & Our Call to Welcome All
May 1, 2013
May 2013. UCC Rev Mari Castellanos, our UCC Domestic Policy Advocate, offers a reflection on our call to work for immigration reform and the root causes of migration.

Mission 4/1 Earth and the Call to Earth Care

April 2013. UCC Rev. Meighan Pritchard, Pastor of Prospect Congregational UCC in Seattle and environmental justice advocate, illuminates our call to care for the earth and invites us to engage in the Mission 4/1 Earth Campaign.

Marriage Equality and the Supreme Court
March 6, 2013
March 2013. Michael Schuenemeyer, our Executive for Health and Wholeness Advocacy, provides us an in-depth look the issue of marriage equality and the major cases coming before the Supreme Court.

Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Legislative Review and Glimpse Ahead
February 1, 2013
February 2013. Sandy Sorensen, director of the UCC Washington office, offers a look at our 2012 advocacy and glimpse of what’s to come.

The Federal Budget Cliff-Hanger, the Sequel
January 15, 2013
January 2013. Edie Rasell, our Minister for Economic Justice, breaks down the impact of the fiscal cliff negotiations and the challenges to come as we work for a faithful federal budget.


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