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File Earth Day Sunday
April 27, 2014
Earth day is an opportunity to reflect on the wonders of God's Creation. With a little planning and a lot of passion you can do much to have an Earth day you'll remember for years to come. You can use any of these ideas to get your congregation fired up about caring for God's creation.
File Immigrant Rights Sunday
May 4, 2014
The first Sunday in May, May 4th, has been designated Immigrant Rights Sunday within the United Church of Christ. This is a great opportunity for congregations to lift up immigrants, to learn about their concerns, honor their contributions to our country and communities, hear their pain, pray for their well-being, and listen to hear where God is leading us regarding issues of immigration.
File Environmental Justice Training - Minnesota
May 14, 2014
How can people of faith work for environmental justice for all? Join us for a training workshop, May 14-16, at Pilgrim Point Camps and Retreats Center in Minnesota to learn about this pressing issue.
File Mental Health Sunday
May 18, 2014
The United Church of Christ Mental Health Network invites you to highlight mental health on the third Sunday in May. Mental Health Sunday is a way for your congregation to begin or to continue to provide education and support to your members around mental health challenges.
File Torture Awareness Month
June 1, 2014
June is Torture Awareness Month, a time when people of faith come together to oppose any use of torture as a violation of the human rights of all God’s people. The 2014 theme is “Exposing the Truth of U.S. Torture: Restoring Human Dignity”.

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