UCC Coffee Project Annual Reports 2010 and 2011

The UCC Coffee Project is a partnership of the UCC Justice & Witness Ministries and Equal Exchange Coffee. 

In 2011, the UCC Coffee Project sold 51,490 pounds of fairly traded coffee, 692 pounds of tea, 6,903 pounds of chocolate, and 2,090 pounds of cocoa. 

In 2010, the UCC Coffee Project sold 60,739 pounds of fairly traded coffee, 816 pounds of tea, 6,298 ponds of chocolate, and 2,779 pounds of cocoa.

It is clear in the numbers for these two years that the economic downturn has affected overall sales, though our congregations continue to be very actively supportive of fair trade through this excellent program.

Equal Exchange Coffee contributes $0.15 to the UCC Justice & Witness Ministries Small Farmers' Fund for every pound of fairly traded products sold.   In 2011, the Equal Exchange's contribution to the Small Farmers' Fund was $9,260.05.  In 2010, the Small Farmers' Fund earned $10,826.52. 

The Small Farmers' Fund is being used to support the Just Food Project, a program in sustainable and nutritious agriculture at the UCC's Franklinton Center in rural Whitakers, North Carolina.  Of the 435 congressional districts in the United States, the area of 24 counties which make up North Carolina's first congressional district is second only to the Bronx, N.Y., known as the largest food desert in the United States.  Just Food is gathering small farmers to develop ways to use land at Franklinton Center to grow fruits and vegetables to address food insecurity in the area and to educate and demonstrate about health issues that plague the people of the rural communities in the area.