Just wanted to tell you I got a D+ on my essay!

Just wanted to tell you I got a D+ on my essay!

September 30, 2002
Written by Staff Reports


Ana Gobledale

"Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me." —Matthew 25:40 NRSV


Two months ago, six folks showed up at the lunchtime class I offered for students having a hard time writing essays. Forty-year-old Lance, formerly a logger and now a first-year student and father of three delightful daughters, attended.

Yesterday, Lance came up to me at morning tea with a big smile on his face. He bellowed, "Just wanted to tell you I got a D+ on my essay! We just got them back and I got a D+!" I cringed, unable to believe he was thrilled about a D+, and not at all thrilled about myself knowing my help had been of so little value to him. But I managed to smile as he shook my hand.

Later, I pulled out the grading guide sheet and discovered, to my relief and delight, that an Australian "D" means "with Distinction" and a plus-sign means even better. I smile thinking of logger Lance, with his big red beard, receiving the equivalent of an American A+.

Kathy Dornhecker
Churches of Christ Theological College


We gather for prayer, placing our hands on Debbie. We first lock hands, then hold each others arms and before we know it we're shoulder to shoulder. First in silence, then in prayer in word and then in song.

I baptized Debbie in the Caribbean Sea two years ago. With her usual smile, she helps our women face one of their deepest darkest fears—breast cancer. By sharing her condition and journey with the church family, she leads us all in faith.

Helen Burgess
Christian Commission for Development


The teacher asks about the characteristics of salt.

A student quickly answers, "It makes food taste good!"

Another, "Salt is a preservative."

"Yes," the teacher agrees. "We Christians should flavor the world with Christian influence and should preserve the good things in our world from corruption and evil."

Then a girl suggests, "Salt can melt ice."

Not much ice around in either Lesotho or Galilee, so the teacher, like Jesus, hasn't thought of this possibility. The group realizes that perhaps cold hearts can be softened, melted, through daily doses of Christian salt: love, patience, caring and understanding.

Another suggestion, "Salt makes you thirsty." We, as the salt of the earth, should make people thirsty to know more about Jesus and our faith.

One never knows where a religion lesson will go!

Mark Behle
Masitise High School


The young teacher tutored students until 11 p.m. each night, and was worn out.

We are always looking for local resources to use, so we asked the students who else could help.

One boy suggested his 70-year-old grandfather. Grandfather is now the English teacher!

Xuyen Dangers
Donkoi Children Development Center

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