Jubilee Weekend

Jubilee Weekend

This year, Jubilee Weekend will bring faith communities across the country together to act and pray for solutions to debt crises right here in the United States - for responsible lending and borrowing and an end to predatory lending. We'll focus specifically on student debt and "payday" lending.

The theme this year is: "Love Your Neighbor"

Can your community offer one prayer for Jubilee in our domestic economy?

Sign Up Today for Jubilee Weekend: October 14-16, 2016

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Jubilee Weekend links Jubilee USA with the global Jubilee movement that spans more than 50 nations.  Around the globe, our partners take action to promote economic policies that serve, protect and promote the participation of the world's most vulnerable. In one global voice, we come together to act, pray and worship to put an end to global poverty.

Join us! You can incorporate one prayer into your service, dedicate your entire worship service to Jubilee issues or host a workshop for all ages in your community.

October 14, 2016 at 8am - October 16, 2016