How many of these 100 questions can you answer?

How many of these 100 questions can you answer?

May 31, 2001
Written by Staff Reports

On April 29, seven teens at Robbinsdale (Minn.) UCC were confirmed. After two years of their confirmation class, the confirmands were expected to know the answers to these 100 questions.

1. What does UCC stand for?

2. What does it mean to be Christian?

3. What are the three parts of the trinity?

4. When we speak of Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, to what do each of these terms refer?

5. What are the two sacraments observed in the Reformed tradition?

6. What does it mean to be part of the Reformed tradition?

7. How many books are there in the Bible?

8. What are the two main sections of the Bible?

9. What is the lectionary?

10. What is the liturgical year?

11. What is the purpose of worship?

12. What is the invocation in worship?

13. What is the benediction?

14. How are the scriptures used in worship selected?

15. What is the purpose of confession?

16. What is the assurance of pardon?

17. What might be acts of praise in worship?

18. What is oral tradition?

19. What are the gospels?

20. What is the canon?

21. What is the Reformation?

22. What is Transfiguration?

23. What is Pentecost?

24. What is the meaning of revelation?

25. What religion was Jesus?

26. In what language was the Old Testament originally written?

27. In what language was the New Testament originally written?

28. What are the epistles in the Bible?

29. What parts might make up one's statement of faith? The UCC Statement of Faith?

30. How many creation stories are in the Bible?

31. In what book are the creation stories found?

32. Which book of the Bible tells of Moses leading the Hebrew slaves from Egypt toward the promised land?

33. In which book of the Bible are the 10 Commandments found?

34. Which book of the Bible tells of a good man who trusted God even though God caused lots of really bad things to happen to him—starvation, death of family members, etc.?

35. Which book of the Bible tells of a man who ran away from God, was swallowed by a big fish, then decided to do what God wanted?

36. Which group of books of the Bible are the words of people who understand themselves to be chosen by God to tell God's people that they must change their evil ways, repent or else God will destroy them?

37. Which two books of the Bible tell of the boy who killed Goliath, was the hero of the Philistines, became King, fell in love with another man's wife so he had the man sent into battle to be killed, played a lyre, and composed many songs of praise which are found in another book of the Bible?

38. What book of the Bible contains the songs of praise written by David?

39. To what does the New Revised Standard Version refer?

40. Who started the Christian church?

41. What does the word Messiah mean?

42. What does incarnation mean?

43. What does it mean that Jesus Christ was fully human fully divine?

44. What is repentance?

45. What are things for which one should repent?

46. What does it mean to say God unconditionally loves us?

47. What is grace?

48. What does atonement mean?

49. What is theology?

50. What does resurrection mean?

51. What is a parable?

52. What does it mean to be Christ's disciple?

53. What does it mean to renounce the power of evil?

54. What does it mean to resist oppression?

55. What does it mean to profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?

56. What are some ways to describe the Holy Spirit?

57. What is a covenant?

58. What is the New Covenant?

59. What does it mean to call the church the Body of Christ?

60. What does the cost and joy of discipleship mean?

61. What is the Passover?

62. What is the meaning of Holy Communion?

63. What are some other names for Holy Communion?

64. What is faith?

65. What is stewardship?

66. What is mission?

67. What is evangelism?

68. What is the purpose of baptism?

69. What happened at Christmas?

70. What is Advent?

71. What is Lent?

72. What is Palm or Passion Sunday?

73. What happened at Easter?

74. What is Holy Week?

75. What is Ordinary Time?

76. What is Eternal life?

77. What is salvation?

78. What is heaven?

79. What does it mean to be called?

80. What is anointing?

81. What is Ash Wednesday?

82. What is a blessing?

83. What is a chalice?

84. What is the chancel?

85. What is a narthex?

86. What are clergy?

87. What does it mean to be commissioned?

88. What does it mean to be a congregational church?

89. What is a creed?

90. What is a denomination?

91. What is a doxology?

92. What are elements (used in worship)?

93. What is a hymn?

94. What does the Kingdom of God mean?

95. What are laity?

96. What is a Seder?

97. What is mission?

98. What is a sanctuary?

99. What does it mean to be a Protestant?

100. What does a mentor do?

Robin Raudabaugh is Associate for Youth and Children's Ministries at Robbinsdale (Minn.) UCC.

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