Here are the resolutions going to Synod

Here are the resolutions going to Synod

April 30, 2001
Written by Staff Reports

In accordance with the 1999 General Synod resolution, "Hearing the Voices of the Churches," the full texts of all resolutions going to this summer's Synod/Assembly are available on the UCC website at Each resolution is linked to an online form, which local churches can use to report opinions of members about the resolution.

The response system is designed to help congregations organize public forums or discussions by representative groups. Resolution texts can be discussed in after-worship forums, adult or youth study groups, or meetings of governing bodies. On the response forms, congregations are asked to indicate how many members participated in the discussion.

Congregations without web access can request a print copy of resolutions and response forms from Mary Ann Murray of the General Synod Office, 216-736-2192. Please note that print copies are only for those congregations that do not have any means of accessing the web.

Responses must be received by May 25. Any computer with web access, including computers at public libraries, can be used to read the resolution texts. For more information, call Andy Lang at 216-736-2185 or e-mail

Here is a summary of the resolutions going to Synod:

Calls on Synod to face the problem of anti-Semitism, to help congregations become aware of the problem of anti-Semitism, and to address the issue through both education and concrete actions.
Submitted by: Connecticut Conference

Calling on the UCC to join the decade to overcome violence
Calls upon the various settings of the UCC to take an active role in the Decade to Overcome Violence and to join together with other organizations in doing so.
Submitted by: Justice and Witness Ministries

Access to excellent public schools: A child's civil right in the 21st century
Calls on the UCC in all settings to take actions that support access for all American children to excellent public schools.
Submitted by: Ainsworth UCC, Portland, Ore.; Christian Fellowship Congregational UCC, San Diego; Community of Joy UCC, Philadelphia; Iglesia Unida de Cristo "La Familia," Paterson, N.J.; Park Hill Congregational UCC, Denver; Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Cleveland; Redeemer UCC, Sussex, Wis.; Trinity UCC, Cleveland; Warburton UCC, Hartford, Conn.; Council for Hispanic Ministries; United Black Christians

Calling for a more just, humane direction for economic globalization
Calls upon UCC members to educate themselves to the potential dangers of an unfettered globalization, and calls for both members and denominational instrumentalities to become active in urging our national political and economic leaders to develop our globalization policies in a more just, humane form.
Submitted by: Berkshire Association, Mass. Conference Executive Committee; Coral Gables Congregational UCC, Miami; University Congregational UCC, Seattle; First Congregational UCC, Williamstown, Mass.

 Calling on the UCC to initiate a jubilee for justice for rural America
Seeks to have the UCC, through the newly-established Justice and Witness Ministries, develop a coordinated program of education and action to initiate a Jubilee of Justice for Rural America, implementing and updating past General Synod pronouncements concerning rural America and agriculture and focusing attention on the immediacy of action required to prevent the collapse of family farm agriculture.
Submitted by: Northern Plains Conference

Calls upon General Synod, individual churches, conferences and associations to be educated about the situation in Colombia and to develop methods to respond to the crisis there.
Submitted by: Connecticut and Central Atlantic Conferences

 Declare Jubilee: A call for a new day of unity in the Spirit for the UCC
Calls on Synod to declare a Jubilee, laying aside the actions and resolutions of all previous General Synods in order to liberate the church to live its new beginning in a renewal of theological reflection and consensus without obligation in our new covenanted relationships.
Submitted by: St. Luke UCC, Decatur (Honduras), Ind.; Albany UCC, Albany, Ind.; Peace UCC, Browntown, Wis.; Friedens UCC, Riesel, Texas; Swamp UCC, Reinholds, Pa.; St. Jacob's Kimmerlings UCC, Lebanon, Pa.; Faith UCC, Ridgway, Pa.; Christ Reformed UCC, Telford, Pa.

 The epidemic of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) on the continent of Africa
Calls on the UCC to inform all settings of the church as to how they may assist the UCC response to this crisis; to advocate for the reduction or elimination of the economic debt to the United States of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries in Africa and for the reduction in the cost of HIV/AIDS drugs to Africa.
Submitted by: United Black Christians

 Health effects and impacts of tobacco on children, teenagers and their families
Calls upon General Synod to facilitate a re-examination of the possible ethical and theological implications of the newest scientific findings about the health impacts of tobacco usage and to begin thinking about collaborative strategies for preventing and reducing youth tobacco use.
Submitted by: Justice and Witness Ministries

 Resolution on Juvenile Justice
Calls upon Justice and Witness Ministries to advocate for just, appropriate and ethical methods to address juvenile crimes and to reduce substantial biases in the criminal justice system that show favoritism according to class, race, ethnicity sexual preference, heritage or other general classifications.
Submitted by: Justice and Witness Ministries and Human Rights Program

 Mutual respect within the faith community
Calls on all levels of the UCC to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of a church with diverse theological beliefs and to have all groups issuing statements to indicate that they speak only for themselves and not for the entire 1.4 million UCC members.
Submitted by: Bethany UCC, West Terre Haute, Ind.; Wabash Valley Association and Western Associaiton, Indiana.

 News media guidelines resolution
Asks that official press reports of General Synod actions always include, "The General Synod of the United Church of Christ speaks only to, but not for, the United Church of Christ and its members."
Submitted by: St. John's UCC, Foristell, Mo.

Opposition to the SEICUS declaration—Resolution #1
"Whereas this declaration calls for the blessing of same sex unions and ... affirms the ordination of sexual minorities," the resolution calls upon the Rev. John Thomas to "retract his action."
Submitted by: St. John's UCC, Sinking Spring, Pa., First UCC, Wernersville, Pa.; St. John's (Gernant's) UCC, Leesport, Pa.

 Opposition to the SEICUS declaration—Resolution #2
Upholds the sanctity of life in the womb, promotes a pro-life position, condemns "partial-birth abortions," and calls upon the Rev. John Thomas to withdraw his support of the SIECUS Declaration.
Submitted by: St. John's UCC, Sinking Spring, Pa.; First UCC, Wernersville, Pa.; St. John's (Gernant's) UCC, Lessport, Pa.

 Pastoral Compensation
Calls upon the Council for American Indian Ministry and the four Covenanted Ministries to address compensatory disparities existing among American Indian clergy and non-native clergy serving UCC American Indian congregations.
Submitted by: Council for American Indian Ministry

 Program for essential conference ministry
Requests the whole UCC to own the need for essential conference ministry, especially in small membership, large geographic conferences, and authorize the continued development of funding for this purpose.
Submitted by: Council of Conference Ministers

 Pension supplementation for Native American ordained and licensed ministers
Calls upon General Synod to secure adequate pensions for current and future retired Native American pastors of UCC Native American congregations.
Submitted by: Hillcrest Congregational UCC, Pleasant Hill, Calif.

 Preservation of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arickara languages of the Three Affiliated Tribes
Calls on General Synod to acknowledge the role of the church in the destruction of native languages and to provide UCC support to establish a pilot program to preserve and expand the use of Mandan, Hidatsa and Arickara languages of the Three Affiliated Tribes.
Submitted by: Council for American Indian Ministry

 Reaffirming the trinitarian basis of our ecumenism
Calls on General Synod to reaffirm the biblical trinitarian basis of our ecumenism, by suspending cooperation with the Unitarian Universalist Association in favor of emphasizing cooperation with our covenanted trinitarian partner denominations.
Submitted by: Congregational UCC, Candia, N.H.; Christ UCC, Leck Kill, Pa.; Salem UCC, Klingerstown, Pa.; Peace UCC, Browntown, Wis.; Christ UCC, Beaver Springs, Pa.; Swamp UCC, Reinholds, Pa.; St. John's UCC, Kenton, Ohio; St. Paul Evangelical UCC, Bloomington, Ill.; Faith UCC, Ridgway, Pa.; Andover Congregational UCC, Andover, N.H.; St. Jacob's Kimmerlings UCC, Lebanon, Pa.; Christ Reformed UCC, Telford, Pa.; Friedens UCC, Riesel, Texas.

 Reparations for slavery
Calls on all settings of the UCC to join in active study and education on issues dealing with reparations for slavery.
Submitted by: Epiphany UCC, St. Louis; University UCC, Chicago

 Conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone
Calls on the U.S. government to fully support the UN embargo on "conflict diamonds."
Submitted by: Wider Church Ministries

 To end the presence of the U.S. Navy in the municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico
Urges the UCC to strengthen its efforts to end the U.S. Navy presence in the municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico.
Submitted by: Iglesia Evangélica Unida de Puerto Rico

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