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Hear Our Stories

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A Liberation Church
Hear more from the Rev. M. Linda Jaramillo—"When we think we are changing lives, the lives that change are ours."

I Continue to be Changed

Hear why UCC executive the Rev. James Moos, who developed his global consciousness at a very young age because of the United Church of Christ, would be a very different person if not for this church.

You're Welcome Too
Accept our offer of radical inclusivity.  We insist.

I Have a Place
Loey P. continues to celebrate her spiritual home. She was despondent about finding a career in pastoral ministry, until the UCC nurtured the leader she knew she could be.

I Don't Have to Change to Be Accepted by Christ
As an indigenous person of North America, Toni B. was searching for a justice-seeking church when she accepted the UCC church into her life. 

Shockingly Accepting of People of All Varieties
Teenager Jake M. feels a special connection with the United Church of Christ, a church he says changes and adapts and grows with him.

Walking in My Purpose
Naomi L. believes that God is still trying to be in conversation with us and that the UCC has inspired her to figure out what God is calling her to do and how to do it.

Feeling Whole Again
Sean F. reflects on the many ways the United Church of Christ offers hope and a radical welcome through the tale of a friend who rediscovered a relationship with "church" through the UCC.

All of Who I Am
Sonja says church is what happens after service on Sunday. She loves the UCC because it nurtures her, and helps her grow.

My Authentic Self
Lindsay doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not in the UCC. Hear why she says no facades are in necessary our churches, which reflect the times in an ever-changing world.

A Liberating Journey
Suzanne S. heard a message from God in a song. She didn't grow up in church, and was searching -- until she found the UCC.

I Would be Rudderless
UCC member James B. talks about the extravagant welcome he felt when he first found the UCC, and about the profound effect the UCC has had on his life. He also talks about the unique gifts the UCC adds to the religious landscape.

Among Friends
When Jimmy G. found his UCC church in Raleigh, N.C., he not only found a congregation, he became part of a partnership of friends that takes the pain away.

Room For Us
Sarah D. shares her love of her local UCC church, and how being a UCC member has shaped her journey.

So Not Jesus
A UCC pastor shares his own personal experience with extravagant welcome.

It Didn’t Seem Real
After Brice T. was ostracized by his church for being gay, he lost his religion. But after 15 years of believing he wouldn't get to heaven, Brice met a UCC pastor, took a chance on going back to church one Easter morning, and experienced an overwhelming message of love and inclusivity.

Unconditional Love
Bruce C. was a homeless man on the streets of Philadelphia, but God led him to the warm embrace of a local UCC congregation. Hear his story of how they offered him unconditional love.

Where I Belonged
Three LGBTQ young adults with very different faith journeys share the profound ways the United Church of Christ has welcomed them.

I Feel Love
Diane J. talks about the meaningful way she found her Christian faith through the United Church of Christ.

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