Affirming Persons--Saving Lives

Affirming Persons--Saving Lives

Have you been looking for an AIDS curriculum that deals forthrightly with the many complex issues that must be addressed to save lives? Look no further!

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Affirming Persons-Saving Lives responds to the real concerns of real people facing the dangers of HIV transmission and AIDS. Designed for multi-cultural Christian education settings, this groundbreaking resource also can be adapted for use by health and human service institutions, schools, health department and community based organizations.

In age-appropriate, non-judgmental language, Affirming Persons-Saving Lives nurtures self-esteem and integrates these components for effective AIDS education:

  • Christian values, Bible study, theological reflection and prayer;
  • Complete, factual HIV transmission and prevention information;
  • Skills for ethical decision-making and decision-keeping;
  • Skills for effectively refusing unwanted invitations to sexual intercourse and drug use;
  • Skills for HIV transmission risk assessment;
  • Mission education for AIDS ministry.

Affirming Persons-Saving Lives stresses that abstinence from sexual intercourse and drug use is the only 100-percent safe way to prevent HIV transmission. It also provides needed, explicit prevention information for persons who engage in sexual intercourse or who use drugs, including alcohol.

This comprehensive curriculum package contains everything you need, nearly 1,000 pages of written materials in 11 booklets:

  • Introduction resources that include guidelines for using the curriculum in your church or other setting.
  • Eight Learning Series, one for each of the following age groups: Adults, Parents, Preschool/Kindergarten, Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, Youth, Intergenerational
  • One easy-to-use teacher's booklet for each Learning Series is included. There are no student books.
  • Handouts for the Learning Series that can be easily photocopied.
  • Teacher Support Resources to increase the teachers' knowledge of, and comfort level with, the subject matter. Easily photocopied.
  • Plus one DVD which contains two videos: "Learning about AIDS"—basic HIV/AIDS information (28 min.), and "In the Day of Adversity"—poignant interviews with people living in the HIV spectrum (44 min.)

Affirming Persons-Saving Lives incorporates information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, The U.S. Public Health Services, and the World Health Organization. This information is used by HIV/AIDS educators worldwide.  These are teacher friendly materials that can be taught without special training beyond the preparation recommended for each session.

  • Beliefs and principles reflected in Affirming Persons-Saving Lives include
  • God loves all people. HIV/AIDS is not a punishment from God.
  • All people are affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
  • People of all ages need to be educated about HIV/AIDS so they can protect themselves and educate others.
  • Sharing specific, factual information in non-judgmental ways is essential for effective HIV/AIDS education.
  • Churches can become centers of effective HIV/AIDS education.

Affirming Persons-Saving Lives was created by the HIV/AIDS Ministry Program of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries. Experienced AIDS educators, Cynthia A. Bouman and the Rev. Bill Johnson, Ed.D., are the co-authors.

United Church of Christ members living with HIV/AIDS, youth, Christian educators, AIDS ministers, parents, parish clergy and church school teachers helped develop this resource. Extensive field testing took place at national consultations, regional church meetings and in the church schools of several UCC congregations. 




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