Download the Affirming Persons, Saving Lives Learning Series

Affirming Persons, Saving Lives is the comprehensive HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention education curriculum published by the United Church of Christ.  To open the Learning Series' files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer.  You may get the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking here, or cut and paste the following link into your web browser:  


Introduction to the Learning Series [PDF]

Intergenerational Learning Series [PDF]

Adult Learning Series [PDF]

Parents Learning Series [PDF]

Youth Learning Series [PDF]

Grades 5-6 Learning Series [PDF]

Grades 3-4 Learning Series [PDF]

Grades 1-2 Learning Series [PDF]

Grades Preschool-Kindergarten Learning Series [PDF] 

Description of the Learning Series

The Intergenerational Learning Series is designed for all generations in the church family. It gives children, youth and adults an opportunity to learn from each other and to share activities that build an awareness in the congregation that all ages can benefit from HIV and AIDS education.

The Adult Learning Series helps adults assess their own degree of risk for HIV infection, strengthens personal understanding of the Christian community as a place where serious issues can be discussed, uses the knowledge of adults whose lives are affected by HIV or AIDS, and challenges adults to commit themselves to HIV and AIDS ministry.

The Parents Learning Series encourages parents to talk with their children about HIV transmission, teaches practical communication skills to help parents discuss HIV and AIDS with their families, and helps parents see themselves as partners in the experience of teaching and learning about HIV and AIDS in the setting of the church.

The Youth Learning Series for teenagers provides complete and factual information about HIV infection, transmission and infection, supports youth in making and keeping decisions informed by Christian values, and motivates youth to act with compassion and understanding towards persons living with HIV or AIDS. The series promotes healthy self-esteem, affirms abstinence, and underscores the value of intimacy and commitment in human relationships. Students learn how to say "no" to behaviors that transmit HIV, including unprotected sex and drug use.

The Grades 5 and 6 Learning Series includes necessary information on human sexuality, teaches effective ways to say "no" to unsafe or risky behavior, ensures a basic understanding of sexual intercourse and other forms of HIV transmission, stresses the importance of sexual abstinence, promotes the idea that sexual intercourse is an adult activity not appropriate for children, affirms that human beings have the freedom to make choices and teaches skills for making healthy decisions.

The Grades 3 and 4 Learning Series nurtures children's self-esteem within a context of Christian values rooted in faithful discipleship, teaches important facts about HIV and AIDS, strengthens their ability to think about the consequences of their choices and teaches how to refuse pressure to engage in behavior that may be harmful to them.

The Grades 1 and 2 Learning Series nurtures children's self-esteem within the context of Christian values and provides age-appropriate information about HIV and AIDS. The series helps children understand that their bodies are a wonderful gift from God and should be treated with care and respect, that Jesus teaches them to be kind and loving to all people, and that they can make kind, safe and healthy choices in their own lives.

The Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Series nurtures children's self-esteem within the context of Christian values, provides basic hygiene information and offers a simple, age-appropriate introduction to the subject of HIV and AIDS. Children learn that God loves everyone, including healthy and sick people, and that illness is not a divine punishment.

The curriculum includes handouts for students and a comprehensive package of Teacher Support Resources. The teacher's resources include a history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, a guide to public speaking about AIDS education, a summary of the latest scientific research, a description of the pathology of HIV in the immune system, information about HIV antibody testing and statistics about sexual behavior among high school students.




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