Health Concerns

Health Concerns

The United Church of Christ has long been involved with issues related to human health – from affordable health care for all to the impact of toxic materials (short and long term) on individuals who live near or work at places that may not be healthy.  Information here is intended to help us know the impact of oil and dispersants on humans.

Center for Disease Control:

CDC has been responding to the Oil Spill in the Gulf. Many of you may be involved in assisting Gulf Coast residents, clean-up workers, and others who are affected by the spill. Even if you don't work directly with any of these groups, you may have an opportunity to share information with groups who do have direct responsibilities or have been affected. We are hoping that CDC's public information, including health protection messages, might be helpful to your organizations or to your constituents. You'll find information for coastal residents, clinicians, clean up workers, and others at CDC's Oil Spill Web site.

Louisiana Environmental Action Network information:

LEAN was founded to help Louisiana citizens change the balance of power and challenge the continued economic and ecological destruction that had become institutionalized in Louisiana. By empowering more than one hundred grassroots, community organizations, and countless individuals, LEAN has already helped in gaining a tremendous foothold toward making Louisiana's communities safer, healthier places to live.  Dr. Wilma Subra, a Louisiana scientist, has been studying the possible health impacts of crude oil and dispersants.  Following are articles with detailed information.