United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

Dialogue and Discernment Process
United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities
UCC Students, Faculty and Staff
March 18, 2010 – Received March 18

1. What is your response for the Unified Governance Working Group?

• Smaller Board seems to make more sense
• Pare down to those who have gifts and skills to look to the mission of the church
• Problem could develop to tell staff "Here are your tasks." Mandate vs. covenant
• Current structure can sabotage each other
• GFT II looks more like a team in covenant working together to accomplish the mission of the church
• Structure should not be about "lone wolves"
• Part of the problem is the need to "grow up" as a denomination and mature
 – Not everyone gets their way all the time
• Covenant is so very important and understanding that Jesus Christ is the sole head of the church and we have to be brothers and sisters in the decisions we make
• One board might help us to focus media attention and get the word out.
• Would attract folks who are not willing to put up with the convoluted current structure and attract folks who can offer different gifts and skills

2. What do you believe God is calling the UCC to be now and into the future?

• God calls us to recommit to covenant and not to live for the idolatry of autonomy
• Key concern is what serves for the good of the whole church, not for individual groups, programs, or individuals
• Important to discern the direction God is calling and not hundreds of directions; can always make course corrections, but need to focus
• Unified focus is key and let identity follow
• We won't ever be at a loss for dissenters – is who we are, but still need to make a unified focus to who and what we are
• We will make mistakes – always happens.
• Called to creativity and structure helps us to be freed up to be creative.