Unified Governance Working Group (UGOV)

Douglas Andrews 
Jim Antal
Marti Baumer
Diane Bennekamper
Lynda Bigler
Geoffrey Black
Anita Bradshaw
Deborah Blood,
Elizabeth Clement
James Darnell
Mike Downs
Julia Estrella
Sylvia Ferrell-Jones
Yvette Flunder
Edith Guffey
Juanita Helphrey
Beau Heyen
Linda Jaramillo
Bill Land
Liz Miller
Marilyn Pagán-Banks
Rich Pleva
Phil Porter,
Inez Reid
Cally Rogers-Witte
Steve Sterner
Jeannie Thompson
Bing Tso
Bernard Wilson, Working Group Chair

Composition charged by the General Synod Action, "Toward Unified Governance for the National Setting of the United Church of Christ," as named in lines (14-21) below:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the General Synod requests that the Executive Council appoint a Working Group with representatives from the Collegium of Officers, members of the Executive Council, Covenanted Ministry Boards, Affiliated and Associated Ministry Boards, the Council of Conference Ministers, and the Historically Underrepresented Groups, to guide work toward Unified Governance in preparation for action by the Twenty-Eighth General Synod. In consultation with the Chair of the Executive Council, each of these bodies would identify their representative so that the diversity of the church would be well represented in the working Group.