Information You'll Need to Apply

Information You'll Need to Apply

Preparing to Submit Your Online Application

As of AUGUST, 2010, funds for the Media with a Mission Grant Program have been exhausted.

 Thanks for your interest in applying for a Media with a Mission grant!  We have tried to keep the application process as straightforward as possible.  Before beginning the online application, please read over the following list of items.  These are the questions you will be asked to answer when completing the online form.  If you have researched the answers to these items, it should not take you long to complete the online form - likely from 15 to 30 minutes. Please note that once you begin your online application, there is no capability to save your work and return to it later. 

Remember, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Felix Carrion at or 216.736.2144. We are here to help you!

1) Describe who you are.

  • Contact information for the applicant church (or "lead" church if applying as a group)
  • Names of partner churches, if applicable.

2) Describe your planned media purchase.

  • Who is your target audience? (Who do you want to reach?) Describe the demographics of the target audience.
  • Which Stillspeaking ad(s) will you run?
  • If you are doing a print ad, how will you ensure that the ad is "branded"?
  • What station(s)/publication(s) will run your ad?
  • During what time period will your ads run? How frequently? At what times of day/shows, etc.?
  • Estimated number of listeners/readers you expect to reach
  • Geographic coverage of the station(s)/publication(s)
  • Total cost of the media purchase and the amount of your local contribution

3) Describe your church's outreach/messaging activities. Thanks for being concise. Phrases instead of sentences are okay. 150 words maximum.

  • Include ongoing activities as well as any increased outreach efforts that you plan to implement during your advertising campaign.
  • Outreach activities may range from the traditional (print ads, word-of-mouth) to the not-so-traditional (contests for most visitors, e-cards, door hangers, etc.)  

4) Tell us how you welcome visitors. Again, thanks for being concise. 150 words maximum.

  • What do you do to welcome and follow up with first time visitors? Are you adding additional practices for this campaign?

5) Describe how your church expresses the Stillspeaking message.

  • A few examples: "We consistently open worship with, 'No matter who you are . . .'"; "Our stationery/business cards use the comma logo"; "Our phone message says, 'Our church believes God is still speaking'"; "We use or wear Stillspeaking's signature red and black colors at parties, parades and community events," etc.

6) Attach a copy of advertising quote.

  • Please attach an electronic file of the quote from your media provider. Your media representative will be able to supply you with a jpeg, PDF or word document of the cost of the proposed media placement. Email separately to

Ready to Apply?

Here's your online application.

(Sorry! No written applications, please.)

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