Application Process

Application Process

Media with a Mission is a grant program that supports local churches in their TV, radio, print and electronic advertising efforts. 

An initiative of The Stillspeaking Ministry since 2006, Media with a Mission has awarded more than $120,000 to 144 churches in 33 states.  The outreach made possible by these grants has collectively reached more than 12 million people. 

Past grant recipients   

Now accepting applications for 2010!! 


Who can apply?

Individual UCC churches and groups of UCC churches who want to extend their invitation via radio, TV or print advertising .  Applicants must:  



  • Embrace the message of The Stillspeaking Ministry . . .
    • Communicate God's radical acceptance and extravagant welcome;
    • Reach out to the alienated, the excluded, the spiritually homeless, the questioning;
    • Make a home for all in the life of their congregations. 
  •  Display some form of exterior Stillspeaking signage (e.g. a Stillspeaking banner) on their church building.  Banners in both horizontal and vertical designs are available for purchase here.
    • If you live in a community that restricts outdoor banners that's OK – but make sure you let us know what outdoor signs/other methods you use to make your building visible as a Stillspeaking congregation
  • For prior grantees only: Make sure you have completed all reporting requirements from previously received Media with a Mission grants.
  • If you are applying as a group, each church must meet the above requirements.

Are we required to match our grant request? How much can we apply for?

The maximum grant is $2,000 for individual churches and $4,000 for groups of churches. Stillspeaking will provide $2 (40%) for every $3 (60%) your church/group of churches commits to the campaign. 





  • Single Applicants: Up to $2,000
  • Group Applicants: Up to $4,000



    Which ads can we run?



  • RADIO & TV: Stillspeaking has four 30 second television ads and four 60 second radio ads from which you can choose. All of these may be customized for your church/group of churches. See and hear all the ads here. 


  • PRINT: Because size specifications for print publications vary widely, print ads will vary locally. For ideas and stillspeaking graphic elements, refer to the Stillspeaking Identity Kit (available for purchase here).


  • BILLBOARDS and WEB BANNER ADS are also eligible for grants.  

    How do we get on radio or TV? How do we customize the ads?

    Each market is different. The best place to start is to contact your desired media partner and they will guide you through your options, provide a quote and help maximize your advertising dollars. Many will even customize the ad for you.


    How many grants will be awarded?




  • Stillspeaking will award up to $40,000 in grants in 2010. 


  • Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout 2010.


  • We will review applications and award grants on a monthly basis until funds are expended.








    How will Stillspeaking decide who to fund?

    A small team will select proposals based on the quality of their content.  We'll be looking for thorough, well-supported plans that explain:









    • How your advertising campaign fits into your church's ongoing outreach/messaging efforts, as well any special outreach activities you plan to conduct during the campaign.
    • How your church community makes a special welcome for visitors and how you engage folks once they have visited.
    • How your church identifies itself as a congregation that embraces the Stillspeaking message.





    If we get a grant, what are the reporting requirements?

    There are three relatively simple requirements, which we will explain in more detail if you receive an award. In general, we will ask you to:





    • Tell us what happened.  We'll have a brief narrative report for you to complete after your campaign ends.  Keep an eye out for inspiring stories – moments in the preparation that energized your congregation, folks who came to church because of the ads, etc.
    • Show us what happened. Take digital photos (if possible) as you ready your church to be as welcoming as possible.
    • Measure what happened. Keep track of worship attendance and how visitors heard about your congregation. You may want to use our pew pads: available for purchase here or for download here.
    • Supply copy of paid invoice(s).





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