Let's Talk Stillspeaking

Let's Talk Stillspeaking

 Fresh takes on the comma, talking about church, seasonal devotionals, talking about money, and more . . . . Some free for the asking. Call UCCR 800.537.3394.

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 1. 16 Reasons I Love . . . God . . . Jesus . . . the Holy Spirit

 6. 16 Ways to Say "I Love My Church" - Booklets and Posters 

 2. Back to School Bookmarks  7. Are You Ready to Talk About Your Church?
 3. The Stillspeaking Advent Devotional  8. A Stillspeaking Lenten Devotional
 4. "God is still speaking,... What does that mean?"  9. Stillspeaking Bible Study
 5. Are You Ready to Talk About Money in Your Church?



16 Reasons to Say I Love God . . . Jesus . . . the Holy Spirit!
Minimum Words - Maximum Impact! 
These little books may be small in size (3" x 5") but they don't shy away from the big issues! 
Perfect to use as discussion starters or pass them out to visitors, neighbors and friends.  Each has space on the back cover to accomodate a label with your church details.  Just $6.50 for a pack of 50 (packaged individually or as a set).
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Back to School Bookmarks

     Bookmarks with Stillspeaking themes. New for back to school season. "Your life is more than a checklist," "Don't be afraid to follow your calling," "It's always back to school season." Back of each has scripture passage and info about learning or vocation. 4 different bookmarks in packs of 40 for $9.50. To find out more about our Back to School resources, click here.

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The Stillspeaking Advent Devotional

     Coming soon Advent Devotional with a fresh approach to daily reflection and prayer. With the "God is still speaking, ... I am (s)training to hear... Lenten Devotional," this is the next great resource in the Stillspeaking series. More information this fall.

To order call 800.537.3394, product code: SCASL.



 "God is still speaking,... What does that mean?"

     Pop Quiz: "What's with the comma?" Answer: "It's about Daring to believe that God is not dead (with all due respect to Nietzsche, who, by the way, is)."

     God is still speaking, in 10 seconds or less! This booklet offers help in answering those important questions. Inspirational and informative ways to talk to others about our identity, in real time.

Free! You pay shipping an handling only.To order call 800.537.3394, product code: SCWDM.




Are You Ready to Talk About Money in Your Church?    

How to broach the topic of stewardship... This humorous and to-the-point resource shows that money need not be a forbidden topic around the church. It's time to start the conversation and put your best foot forward. Order 50 for $4.00. 

To order call 800.537.3394, product code: SCTAC2.





16 Ways to Say "I Love My Church" - Booklets and Posters

     I love my church, but I'm not quite sure how to say so. Funny or profound - here's help for the tongue-tied. Use these booklets in new members packets, to start the new year with your board/consistory, with your offering envelopes/boxes, at every place setting at your church Christmas dinner or annual meeting ... Booklets - $5.00 for 50. Posters - $10.00 for set of 10.

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 Are You Ready to Talk About Your Church?

     What do you say when the subject of "church" comes up? A new family moves onto your street, and you're having a conversation about how much there is to do after you move in. Would you recommend your church to your new neighbor, along with a good dry cleaner or grocery store? Take the quiz and see if you're ready to invite your new neighbor to church. We have to be ready to tell the story... Order 50 booklets for $4.00.

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A Stillspeaking Lenten Devotional

     God is still speaking, I am (s)training to hear...  Listen for the voice of the still speaking God in scripture with a fresh approach. Included are daily reflections by a group of distinguished United Church of Christ writers. This is a great resource for your trip on the Lenten journey. Price per devotional is $5.00.

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Stillspeaking Bible Study

     Nine brief bible studies. Nine voices. Single tone: we serve a living, loving God who is still speaking, Gorgeous booklet, evocative images. Companion booklet with questions to prompt thought  / conversation. More...

"God hath yet more light and truth to break forth from God's Holy Word." ~ John Robinson

 Free from UCCR (you pay shipping and handling only). Call 800.537.3394



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