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GISS Bible Study


Stillspeaking Bible Study Collection


Nine brief bible studies. Nine voices. Single tone: we serve a living, loving God who is still speaking, Gorgeous booklet, evocative images. Companion booklet with questions to prompt thought  / conversation.

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From the introduction by Anthony B. Robinson, speaker, teacher, author, and UCC pastor

How might you -- pastors and teachers, church educators, small group leaders, and church members -- use these nine brief Bible studies?

Use them for an amazing sermon series
Put your church's name, phone number and location on them and leave them in public places
Do a class on them
(and more)

What not to do

Ignore this invitation
Read them aloud in a board meeting in the tone you use for the cafeteria menu
Bury them (see Matthew 25: 14ff) on your desk

One reader's experience

I recently picked up a copy of "Stillspeaking Bible Study" and heard the nine devotionals speaking to me. What a helpful variety of readings!

As one who has worshipped at St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Chicago 545 times, I heard writer Lillian Daniels saying, "We need to live as though the most important person in the church is the one who has not yet walked through the door."

As one who has prayed that God might make us new but also as one whose emotions cling to many "things," I needed Anthony B. Robinson's stumbling block list: "'the way we do things here,' former glory days, a church building, particular church programs, our financial resources or endowmentÉ"

As one who has sat on the opposing side of union causes, my eyes teared when Rev. Guillermo Marquez-Sterling's words helped me feel the humanity of poorly compensated laborers.

I felt God's wide embrace and welcome as Martin B. Copenhaver spoke of God's inclusive score keeping: "No one is in and no one is out."

As one who searches for the comfort and companionship of the church family following worship at the coffee hour, I affirmed Tina Villa's vision: "We get the strength and courage of knowing God is with us only in the midst of life with others."

And I could continue.

God IS still speaking, and I am thankful for the "Stillspeaking Bible Study."

St. Paul's United Church of Christ

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