Essays on Ejector

Essays on Ejector

Essays and discussion questions from around the church on "Ejector."
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In Booklet Form (all essays)
  Ad Reflections [pdf]

Single Essays
 Suggestions for Use [pdf]
 Intro by John Thomas [pdf]
 Intro by Ron Buford [pdf]
 The Ejector, by Walter Brueggemann [pdf]
 Ejected, Rejected, Repentant and Reformed by Lillian Daniel [pdf]
 Discerning the Will of God through Inclusion and Affirmation by Cain Hope Felder [pdf]
 Spring's Hottest Trend: Glasses by Heather Iriye [pdf]
 Dios Nos Sigue Habando pro Jorge Morales [pdf]
 A Church for All People by Janet Parker [pdf]
 How to See the Ad [pdf]

Booklet assembly instructions

Thank you for downloading the booklet with Theological Reflections on the Ejector ad. We hope it is in an informative and inspirational tool for you and your congregation.

Putting it together is a simple process similar to building a Church Bulletin or Sunday Morning Service Program.

Here is a step by step process. You will need either a printer or a copy machine that will produce two sided pages. (If you can't make two sided copies, we suggest you download the reflections individually from the "Single Essays" menu.)

1. Download the Theological Reflections Booklet in PDF from above
2. Open the file using Adobe Reader (free on the internet)
3. Go to File – Print and select a printer. If you have a printer that prints two sided pages, choose that one and you're finished! If not, choose your normal printer and go on to step 4
4. Once all pages have printed and are in order, use a copy machine to copy from your 1 sided pages onto 2 sided pages.
5. Once copied, they should be in order. Now all you have to do is fold it down the middle and staple.

And that's it!

If you need additional help, please contact us at

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