Back To School

Back To School


Get back to it

Time to put away those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and get back to it!

Fall is a time when people often "start over" - sometimes by heading back to church. Kids are settling in to school. Families with children often look for a church now, wanting to start their kids in Sunday School.

Get their attention now while their minds are on the subject.

Back to School Bookmarks!

Bookmarks with Stillspeaking themes. New for back to school season. "Your life is more than a checklist," "Don't be afraid to follow your calling," "It's always back to school season." Back of each has scripture passage and info about learning or vocation. 4 different bookmarks in packs of 40 for $9.50. To order, click here and get your pack of 40 for $9.50.

Go on the radio

Listen to "Fashion Show," a 45 second radio commercial that anybody who's shopped for new school clothes can relate to. You can email the ad to your local radio station, and add your own 15 second message.

Find out how to put an ad on the radio.

If you have the Stillspeaking Graphics Kit v.3.0, you already have a collection of headlines for back to school, including the one you see here. And how about, "Jesus wore sandals after Labor Day. So wear what you want."

You also have the radio ad ready to email to your local station (instructions on the kit).

If you don't have a Graphics Kit, it's time to get one. Call UCCR at 800.537.3394 and for $50 you'll be set for this season and many others.
Target your ads

Use targeted headlines.

Collaborate with other churches for high impact, lower cost ads. See how one church did it.

Don't forget the school supplies - stick them all in our new Stillspeaking backpack and throw in a portfolio with calculator and a few red light-up pens. (Make sure everybody plays with the pens before they take them to school!)

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