Edgardo's family

My church is a new church start called Buenos Nuevas. It has certainly been good news for me and my family.

We came to the United States about a year ago, spoke no English and were jobless. We needed a friendly community where we could feel at home. We wanted to worship God and sing familiar songs in our own language. We found such a church with very nice people who show love for each other.

I have promised to do the best I can for my family. With the assistance of the church, I've learned English. I have also been able to get a job and stay on the right path.

We just had our second child. We presented her to the Lord at our new church and even found wonderful godparents there for our new baby. It was a special service that I will never forget: "Child of God, Disciple of Christ, member of the Church, the Holy Spirit be upon you." I want mychildren to learn about God first. After that, God will give them the tools.

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