Curious About the UCC?

Curious About the UCC?

We are thrilled that you are interested in learning more about the UCC! Are you curious about what makes the UCC tick?

No matter who you are
 or where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!

Why the UCC is My Church

"There are so many different people at church, but we're all interested in each other."

"As a member of the church, I feel a sense of call, devotion and duty. I feel like I count."

Edgardo's family
"My church, Buenos Nuevos, has certainly been good news for my family and me."

"I asked my wife, "Do you get the feeling that something's missing from our lives?"

"So many different hearts just need the same thing: To care and to be cared for."

Bernie and Molly
"Every Sunday, Molly glides into a church where she is loved and accepted."

"With God as our parent, aren't we all brothers and sisters?"

"Many of my friends were not so lucky to find such unconditional love..."

"We had to let go of some of the old notions to make way for new people and ideas."

"My church has decided to become a place that welcomes everyone."

Response from the ad campaign
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