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Quick News for April 12, 2007
 Quick News for March 30, 2007

News on the Ad Launch
“Ejector” the United Church of Christ’s 3rd 30-second commercial ran on multiple cable networks in April 2006. The ad was rejected by the broadcast networks.
Stop censorship. Add your voice..

More news about the spring ad run...

Telling Our Story
April 11, 2006
After competitor decides otherwise, ‘here!’ network asks to air UCC ad for free
April 11, 2006
Liberal Denomination Fires Salvos at Right
April 7, 2006, New York Times
Network censorship can't silence church's campaign
April 6, 2006, San Jose Mercury News
Ad Attack by Frederick Clarkson
April 6, 2006
Ad rejection by Telemundo and Univision leaves UCC with few options to reach Hispanic market
April 6, 2006
Ejector now ranks as most popular commercial
April 6, 2006
Thomas Obvious Choice for Religious Advisory Group
April 5, 2006, Falls Church News-Press
Sorry, cable trouble
April 5, 2006


St. Petersburg Times
Boston Herald
Religion News Service (per Beliefnet)
The Advocate

Blogs (just a few examples of many):
Phoenix's News
Hughes for America
Political Cortex
Daily Kos
Chuck Currie
Rainbow Wind
Crooks and Liars
Hits and Misses
Jesus Politics
Good as you [satire]
Prophecy Boy
The Green Knight
Perfect Neglect
Sexuality and Religion
Notes in Samsura
Accessible Airwaves [UCC blog site]

A line from a blog in the Norway:
Wow. Atrios just linked to a banned United Church of Christ ad that actually made this old atheist smile. Religion can be a very good thing. Too bad it hardly ever is.

The UCC's Accessible Airwaves blogads began running yesterday on dozens of prominent blogs.
An example [top right-side of screen]

Stillspeaking - In the News
Controversial church TV ad wins award
St. Petersburg Times, Nov. 28, 2005
These ads are just divine
Boston Herald, Aug. 4, 2005
The U.S. church that sold itself
without selling its soul

The United Church Observer, Canada, June 2005
God is Still Speaking in Mystic
Shore Publishing, CT, May 4, 2005
United Church of Christ believes in truth in advertising
Kansas City Star / Ft., April 20, 2005

Stillspeaking Newsroom
"Parenting and Beyond" and the UCC
Mar. 9, 2006
Stillspeaking’s ‘bouncer’ receives ‘biggie’ advertising award
United Church News, Nov. 11, 2005
Stillspeaking’s ad buy postponed until March
United Church News, Nov. 3, 2005
New commercial planned for Advent
United Church News, Aug.-Sept. 2005
Synod delegates, visitors get 'bounced'
United Church News, Aug.-Sept. 2005
God is Still Speaking, and the UCC is celebrating
United Church News at General Synod 25, July 2, 2005
UCC releases network-rejected ad on 50 top blogs
United Church News, March 8, 2005
UCC will proceed with ad buy in March
United Church News, Feb. 23, 2005

More in the UCC Newsroom
Stillspeaking news from United Church News

Ad Feedback - Viewers are speaking out
Stories from Churches
Churches say "We are making a difference!"
Favorite quotes from our most recent ad run
A Flurry of Feedback from our first ad launch
Select quotes from the thousands of messages received
Favorite Feedback
A few recent quotes we had to share

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Updates for Churches - Messages from the Stillspeaking Coordinator
Whatever "it" is
Marilyn Dubasak, Dec. 20, 2006
Stay on message, part 2
Marilyn Dubasak, Sep. 14, 2006
Stay on message, part 1
Marilyn Dubasak, Sep. 1, 2006
It's going to be different, of course
Marilyn Dubasak, July 11, 2006
A message from Ron Buford
Ron Buford, July 11, 2006
I remember. What a Time!
Ron Buford, June 9, 2006
Comma Momma Hat Sunday
Ron Buford, Apr. 28, 2006
We are not going away
Ron Buford, Apr. 25, 2006
"I know I look good!"
Ron Buford, Apr. 21, 2006
Christ Among Us
Ron Buford, Apr. 12, 2006
Organize and Mobilize!
Ron Buford, Apr. 6, 2006
It's About Resurrection
Ron Buford, Feb. 13, 2006
On to the goal
Ron Buford, Jan. 30, 2006
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Stillspeaking Events
 Stillspeaking celebrations - All Saints Celebrations
Check out a sample of images, activities and thoughts gathered from local and regional All Saints celebrations in November 2005. Events were designed to celebrate, explore and honor the particular identity of the United Church of Christ and anticipate the 50th birthday in 2007 of the United Church of Christ.

 Personal Stillspeaking stories