Grant Application

Before filling out the following application, make sure you have reviewed both the Application Process and Information You'll Need to Apply.


Name of Applicant (Name of Local Church, Lead Church if a Group, Association or Conference)
Contact Person
Title of Contact Person
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Any Partner Applicants? (If no, skip the next two questions)
Name(s) of Partner Applicant(s)  
Briefly describe your rationale for applying as a group.
What kind of advertising would be funded by this grant (check all that apply)
Radio Ad(s) You Will Air (check all that apply)
TV Ad(s) You Will Air (check all that apply)
If you are running print ads, how will the ad incorporate Stillspeaking branding (colors, comma, phrases, etc)?
On which station(s) or publication(s) will your ads appear?
During what timeframe will your ad run? (e.g., from 3/10/09-4/31/09)
For TV/Radio: how frequently will your ads run? (e.g. 6 times a day, M-F)
Estimated number of listeners/readers you expect to reach during the course of the ad run.
Demographics of your media audience.
Geographic coverage of the station(s)/publication(s)
Total Cost of your media purchase
Dollar amount requested from Media with a Mission (You may request up to 40% of the total cost. The maximum request for single churches is $2,000; the maximum request for groups is $4,000.)
Describe your ongoing outreach/messaging activities, including any increased efforts you will implement during the radio campaign. (150 word maximum)
Describe how you welcome and follow up with/further engage visitors. Are you adding new practices for this campaign? (150 word maximum)
Describe how your church expresses the Stillspeaking message. (150 word maximum)
If you receive a grant, do you promise to complete all reporting requirements, including filling out a narrative survey and tracking worship attendance during the ad run? (For group applicants, all participants must agree).
Does your church (each church for groups) have a Stillspeaking banner outside?
If you live in a community that does not allow outdoor banners, please describe what other methods you use to make your building visible to visitors as a congregation that embraces the Stillspeaking message.
Is there anything else you would like to share with us? (150 word maximum)