Go fly a kite: 'We need a wing and some air'

Go fly a kite: 'We need a wing and some air'

June 26, 2009
Written by Gregg Brekke

Dan Hazard photo

Discouraged but not defeated, Becky Harrison captured the noontime scene during today's windless Stillspeaking Kite-Flying Extravaganza at General Synod 27. "We need a wing and some air."

Harrison, of St. Paul United Church of Christ in Lebanon, Ill., and several dozen others tried to get – and keep – their kites up into the uncooperative air. Running back and forth on the hilly terrain between the Grand River and Gerald R. Ford Museum, fliers had little luck.

But their creativity and diversity shone brightly in the form of red kites, blue kites, yellow kites, rainbow kites, Stillspeaking comma kites and Barbie kites.

Alas, the only thing really taking off was lunch; several groups of picnickers gathered under the shade of two large maple trees to eat and take in the color. But even it was all on the ground too. 

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