General Synod 24 scorecard

General Synod 24 scorecard

June 30, 2003
Written by Staff Reports

A complete rundown of all Synod actions


Ç Pronouncement: Our common calling

Asks congregations to take greater responsibility for the education and preparation of future ordained ministers, including the cost of seminary education.

Ç Pronouncement: Economic globalization

Calls for a more just, humane policy direction in times of economic globalization.

Ç Bylaw Change: Conference Ministers on Executive Council

Clarifies the maximum length of service for Conference Ministers who are seated on the Executive Council. Two consecutive two-year terms are now allowed.

Ç Resolution: Peace and reconciliation for Korean peninsula

Asks churches to become educated about reunification of Korea and pursue policies that lead to peace.

Ç Resolution: Alliance of Baptists

Endorses closer relations with the Alliance of Baptists.

Ç Resolution: Full communion with UEK in Germany

Affirms full communion with Germany's Union of Evangelical Churches.

Ç Resolution: Full communion with Church of South India

Asks that steps be taken to initiate full communion with the Church of South India in time for approval at General Synod 25 in Atlanta.

Ç Resolution: Affirming commissioned ministry

Emphasizes the importance of commissioned ministries (e.g., Christian education, youth work, music ministry, outdoor ministries, administration, parish nursing, visitation and spiritual direction).

Ç Resolution: Alternate voice to Christian Zionism

Affirms alternatives to Christian Zionism, the belief that Israeli political control of Palestine is necessary to hasten the return of Christ.

Ç Resolution: U.S. policy in the Middle East

Calls for U.S. public policy in the Middle East to be based on principles of justice and human rights, not economic interests.

Ç Resolution: American Indian boarding schools

Calls upon the UCC to confess and take responsibility for its role in the formation of these schools and to seek reconciliation from American Indian nations.

Ç Resolution: Boy Scouts of America

Calls upon the Boy Scouts of America to end its policy of discrimination against persons who are gay or bisexual, while affirming those congregations that choose to sever ties with the Boy Scouts, as well as those that choose to remain affiliated for the purpose of continued dialogue.

Ç Resolution: Worship in the UCC

Calls for study and development of new resources to undergird the UCC's worship life.

Ç Resolution: An anti-racist church

Calls upon all settings of the church to become explicitly anti-racist and to offer anti-racism training for church employees and volunteers.

Ç Resolution: Racism and militarism in U.S. drug policy

Addresses the injustices related to the U.S. war on drugs.

Ç Resolution: Renewing the battle against racism

A resolution calling upon all UCC members to be engaged in anti-racism work.

Ç Resolution: Donating blood, tissue, bone marrow and bodily organs

Affirms the donation of blood, tissue, bone marrow and bodily organs as a faithful expression of Christian stewardship.

Ç Resolution: In memory of U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone

Honors the moral vision and justice commitments of the late Minnesota senator.

Ç Resolution: Violence against transgender people

Names and denounces violence against transgender persons.

Ç Resolution: Affirming ministry and participation of transgender people

Calls for the welcome and affirmation of transgender persons into the full life of the UCC.

Ç Resolution: Global non-violent peace force

Calls for the creation of a global non-violent peace force.

Ç Resolution: Colombian churches and leaders under attack

Deplores the ongoing violence against churches, labor unions and peace advocates in Colombia.

Ç Resolution: Support Oikocredit USA

Affirms Oikocredit USA as a responsible venue for funds investment.

Ç Resolution: Theological response to corporate greed

Calls for greater accountability of corporations and corporate executives.

Ç Resolution: The UCC and farmworkers

Commemorates the 30th anniversary of the UCC's "faithful accompanimentÓ with farmworkers.

Ç Resolution: Young adult ministries in the UCC

Calls for strengthened ministries for those ages 18 to 30.

Referred to Executive Council
(for additional study and evaluation)

Ç Proposed Bylaw Change: Nominations from the floor

Would allow nominations for UCC officers to come from the floor of General Synod.

Ç Proposed Resolution: Transforming the Church House

Addresses personnel issues at the Cleveland-based national offices, including greater sensitivities to justice, affirmative action and equal opportunity employment.

Ç Proposed Resolution: Dietary choices and animal agriculture

Asks churches to consider the relationship between dietary choices, personal health, animal rights and economic justice.

Not approved

Ç Proposed Bylaw Change: Frequency of General Synod

Would have increased the time between General Synods from two to four years.

Ç Proposed Resolution: Integrity in diversity

Called for greater recognition of those who disagree with resolutions and statements made by General Synod, Covenanted Ministries and Conferences.

Ç Proposed Resolution: Seeking the mind of Christ

Asked the UCC to disassociate itself with secular social action organizations, and to "seek the mind of ChristÓ on issues of public policy.

No action

Ç Proposed Resolution: Protecting the vulnerable

Called for the UCC to define and defend human life, from conception to natural death.

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