The Good, Racist People

The Good, Racist People

March 10, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


What does it mean when Forest Whitaker is frisked at the deli?  That racism isn't just something other people do.  Maybe it's us, too.  Maybe it's me.

Dear God, this is embarrassing to confess, but you know it already: we are not as pure and good as we want or claim to be.  We have had that thought we were ashamed of - and there was even that one time we even said it out loud for a laugh.  Maybe this is a good time to admit we don't want to be this way - that we don't want to be afraid of someone just because of their color.  That we don't want to assume those things about the neighbors we can't understand.  The good news is we DON'T want to be this way - and that is a big first step.  So forgive us, God, please, and help us forgive each other.  Not so that we can forget about it, but so that we can take that second step - the one that takes us closer, not just to preaching the good news, but to living it.  Together.  Amen.

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