Rice Case Shows NCAA Power Corrupts

Rice Case Shows NCAA Power Corrupts

April 04, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


In this article Jason Whitlock argues one of his long-held views that we ought to dig beneath the surface of outrage, this time with former Rutgers basketball coach, and investigate the profiteering practices of the NCAA system as a whole.

God of justice, remind us of the power of tongues—the ability to grasp and comprehend varied languages: the jargon of one's craft, memes in advertising, and coded frames that guard systems of power. Recognizing the synergy of the cosmos, may we be attuned to see patterns and practices of privilege in every context.

As self-reflective vessels of the divine, help us to recognize our own sources of privilege that sustain Iris Marion Young's "birdcage metaphor" of intricately connected wires, each upholding structures that entrap and oppress.

May we be allergic to storylines and messaging that lack nuance. In the murky waters of ethics and public theology, keep us vigilant against easy answers and culprits. As a university ousts its coach for shameful behavior, lest we become haughty, propel us to examine the intra and inter-personal domains we inhabit and do the same. Amen.

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