Oldest marathon runner competes in last race

Oldest marathon runner competes in last race

February 27, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


The man thought to be the oldest marathon runner in the world has completed in his last competitive race at the age of 101 years old.  Fauja Singh finished the 10k race in Hong Kong in one hour, 32 minutes and 28 seconds. 

Dynamic God, some days I think I'm too tired to move my body.  I choose to sit instead of walk.  I decide to go home instead of the gym.  I think I'm too set in my ways to introduce a healthy activity into my life.  Help me to see that you've called all of us to be good stewards of our health.  Encourage me to find ways to make running or any exercising an exciting part of my life. 

Thank you for inspirations like Fauja Singh.  Thank you for the support that comes from friends who run alongside of us and cheer us on as we run our races.  Amen.

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