Hearing Aids: A Luxury Good For Many Seniors

Hearing Aids: A Luxury Good For Many Seniors

May 28, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


Only one-third of Americans experiencing hearing loss purchase hearing aids.  While stigma is one reason, the cost of hearing aids prohibits many from getting them.

God, we look at some health treatments as luxury and not necessity.  We delay purchasing a pair of eyeglasses or hearing aids or even going for a physical because we think "We really don't need it."  Curb our understanding of what it means to be whole and healthy.  Energize us to erase the stigma of health issues. Strengthen us to stand up to systems that hold many of our neighbors back from affording care.  And give our churches insight on how to make worship more inclusive to those who have limited hearing, eyesight and movement.  Amen.

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