Frantic 911 call ends ordeal for 3 long-missing women

Frantic 911 call ends ordeal for 3 long-missing women

May 08, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


Cleveland, OH: After approximately ten years being held captive in a local house, three young women returned to their families earlier this week. Local resident Charles Ramsey helped one woman escape the house. She then called 911 and police arrested the women's alleged kidnappers.

God, I pray for Michelle, Amanda, and Gina. I give thanks they are alive. I give thanks they are being reunited with family. I give thanks for the quick and heroic actions of Charles Ramsey. I just give thanks. This story speaks to the power of hope in our lives.

But this story also reveals how broken our world is. Those young women suffered so much for so long. I pray you are with them through their physical, psychological, and spiritual recoveries. I pray for the little girl born to Amanda in the midst of that situation.

I pray for the police, the ones conducting the investigation, the ones being second-guessed by people who think they should have found the women sooner, and for police everywhere who are searching for missing people. I pray also for everyone missing loved ones right now, for those people watching this story and intently praying to you for a joyful reunion of their own. I add my prayer to theirs.

I pray that your wisdom, compassion, and love enter the hearts of anyone who would do this to another human being. Let your love put an end to this sorrow. Hear my prayer O Lord. Amen.

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