Fast Food Fight

Fast Food Fight

August 13, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


Struggles over wages in occupations like "fast food," industries in which the executives are among the highest paid in the country and workers are among the lowest, are likely to continue. There are fewer midwage jobs available so more adults and parents are finding it necessary to move into these low wage positions.

God of abundant life, help us to see that we are all on this journey together, that we are all interrelated. Give us the wisdom and the courage to share the resources of your creation justly. Help those of us with wealth, privilege, and power to realize that suggested household budgets like this, - budgets that require two near full-time minimum wage jobs and that underestimate or ignore basic expenses, are NOT a solution.

Lead us all to value the life and work of everyone we encounter. Help us learn how to navigate this new economic terrain in ways that can honor each person's work, offer compensation that allows people to thrive, and still challenge people to want more for themselves in ways that inspire us to use all the talents and aptitudes you have given us. Help us all to become the loving, compassionate, gifted, joyful, powerful, spiritually mature people you created us to be, O God. Amen.

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