Elementary School Bookkeeper Comes Face-to-Face with Gunman

Elementary School Bookkeeper Comes Face-to-Face with Gunman

August 26, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


Watch this interview with Antoinette Tuff, the woman who was able to prevent a mass school shooting in Georgia last week. The entire interview tells the amazing story and the final 3 minutes are particularly powerful.

God, I offer you a prayer of thanksgiving. When I first saw this news as it was unfolding I did not begin my prayer with those words. It all seemed too frightening, too horrible, too…familiar. It looked like this was going to be another tragedy, another story of a person in pain inflicting pain on others.

But a new possibility was revealed. I give you thanks for being with Antoinette Tuff that day in her faith, for giving her the courage to stay in the moment, the compassion to see the wounded soul hiding beneath that gun and ammunition, and the wisdom to speak with a young man who wanted so desperately to be seen and heard.

Give us all that capacity for faith, courage, compassion, and wisdom. Help us understand that the pain in our own lives can be used to build empathy and deeper connections with others instead of creating divisions and more pain. Lead us, O Lord, so that we might reveal your love in how we care for one another. Make us all agents of your new possibilities. Amen.

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