Budget cuts may stall economic growth

Budget cuts may stall economic growth

February 20, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


On March 1st the U.S. is scheduled to begin massive spending cuts unless congress can reach another agreement that will avoid these automatic cuts. Many economists believe this policy, referred to as sequestration, will hurt the economy and will not address what they see as the real issues in the U.S. budget.

I am so frustrated. I’m so tired of the people we ask to lead us getting bogged down in blaming and posturing. I’m exhausted with economists who speak coldly about numbers without acknowledging these decisions impact the lives of your beloved children.

Loving God, lead our leaders. Save us from this political tactic of creating false deadlines with imposed changes nobody wants. Don’t allow difficult financial decisions to come automatically and arbitrarily.

Give our leaders the courage to tackle the budget thoughtfully and without concern for political expediency. Help them recognize the difference between value and waste, between successful and failing, between spending and investing in our future. Bring your wisdom and purpose to everyone this nation elected to lead and care for its people. Amen.

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