"Arrested Development" is Back

"Arrested Development" is Back

April 08, 2013
Written by Daniel Hazard


Television's cult classic, Arrested Development, is back with 14 new episodes.  To be released to Netflix on May 26th, hordes of screaming fans have already planted themselves on the couch and thrown away dozens of frozen bananas to prepare.  (Okay, I made that part up.)

Oh, thank you, God!  In the midst of all the very serious stuff you have going on right now, we are grateful for this opportunity to laugh at ourselves, and the ways in which we are continuously screwing up the work you have given us to do.  From business practices to non-profit agendas, hollow McMansions (literally!) to terrorism, remind us, each time the camera pans out and the actors look at the screen, that what we are watching is, in fact, a caricature of real life.  Not so we can dismiss it, but so that we can realize just how closely it should hit to home.  Amen.

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