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7 prayers for a more restful evening

Written by Andy Lang

Adapted from the "Carmina Gadelica", a collection of the oral traditions from the western islands of Scotland, and from "Compline"—ancient  monastic prayers at the close of day.

O Christ, watch over me through the night.

Christ with me sleeping, Christ with me waking, Christ with me watching through the night until the dawn.


Seek the One who made the stars, who turns darkness into morning, who darkens day into night. (Amos 5:8)

O Being of wonders, shield me.

O Being of wonders, shielding me with might. O Being of stars and story, surrounding me this night.


I will bless the Lord who gives me counsel; my heart teaches me, night after night. I will keep the Lord always before me. Because God is at my side, I shall not fall. (Psalm 16:7)

Jesus, watch over my sleeping.

 In your name, O Jesus, who died and rose, I lie down to sleep. Watch over my sleeping. Hold me in your hand.


O God, yours is the day, yours also the night. You established the moon and the sun. You fixed the boundaries of the earth. You made summer and winter. (Psalm 74:17)

May I rest in peace.

Guide my waking, O God, and guard my sleeping, that awake I may watch with Christ, and asleep I may rest in peace.


I praise you, O God, when I think of you on my bed, and meditate on you in the watches of the night. (Psalm 63:6)

Bless the moon above me, the earth beneath me.

Bless for me, O Lord, the moon above me. Bless for me, O Lord, the earth beneath me. Bless for me, O Lord, the ones who love me, and bless my neighbors near and far.

If I say, "Surely the shadows will cover me, and light around me turn to night," to you even the night is filled with light; night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light to you are both alike. (Psalm 139:11)

Jesus, you are the wisdom of dreams.

Jesus, you are the glow of the setting sun. You are the stillness of the night. You are the surprising star. You are the dark wisdom of dreams.


Jesus said: "I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (John 8:12)

God, you are the guiding star in the night.

Shade are you in the heat, O God. Shelter are you in the cold. Eyes are you to the unseeing. Hands are you to the fallen. Island are you in the storm. Guiding star are you in the night.


For God who said, "out of the darkness let light shine," has caused light to shine in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 4:6)

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