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5 ways to bring God to work with you

Written by Christy Trudo

On Sundays we renew our commitment to live according to God's ways. But when we get to work Monday morning we're almost immediately distracted from our best intentions.  Here are some tricks to keep yourself focused on what matters most to you and to remind yourself that God is with you all the time.

Make your password a mantra.

Come up with a sentence that is a reminder of what matters to you, and use the first letter of each word as a letter of your password. While you log in you will say the sentence to yourself. And remember it through the day.  For example, as you start to  type "GLMJTWIA"  you are saying to yourself, "God Loves Me Just the Way I Am."  When you type "ISMKAGWTL" you reaffirm this thought: "I'm Showing My Kids a Good Way to Live." Your mantra will keep you focused, and it'll be a secure password!

Make an altar on your desk.

Most workplaces have a corner where you can make a little altar, whether it's a desk, dashboard, locker or the shelf under the cash register. You've probably already set apart a special place: pictures of your family or friends, or a couple of shells from your last trip to the beach. Just remind yourself that this little corner represents what is important to you.  Whenever you look at it, remember what it means. Take a moment to give thanks and to bless what is there. You can turn anything into a symbol of what matters.  A picture on the wall can become your personal reminder to breathe deeply and peacefully.

OMG!! Pray when you need to.

In the middle of a crazy day at work, if you catch yourself saying "OMG!!" it might help to finish the sentence. For example: "O My God, help me to forgive." Prayer does not need to be lengthy, or have a special form. It just takes a moment of focus, and a few deep breaths. But you have to remember to do it! Make a list of the kinds of triggers (phone calls, irate customers, error messages, lost files) that you can put in God's hands, so that when they happen, you'll be more likely to use them to return to God.

Be a better person.

Most of us know what our growing edges are. Use your altar or your password or some other reminder to keep your focus on the ways you are changing.  Your spiritual growth is a foundation for professional growth. You can practice patience or confident action, humility or self confidence, speaking up or listening, generosity or thrift, forgiveness, or assertiveness.  Work is a fertile path for becoming the person God created you to be. 

Create community.

When asked what they love about their churches, people often respond, "we really care about each other."  You can contribute to making your workplace a caring community, too. Listen for what matters to others, share what matters to you.  Remember a coworker's special occasion, celebrate with others, and offer compassion when it's needed.  

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