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14 Thoughts About Who Jesus Is

Written by The Stillspeaking Writers Group

On Good Friday, many Christians around the world make a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer called the Stations of the Cross, following in the footsteps of Christ on his way to his crucifixion.  There are 14 "stations," places and events along Jesus' journey to Calvary.  Here are 14 thoughts about Jesus from the Stillspeaking Writers' Group.

In Jesus, God shared in the kind of life you and I live.

Nothing I experience is strange to God.  In Jesus, God has been there.  And God is there with me.

I confess Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, but not my private Savior.

Jesus has given me countless opportunities to declare and to demonstrate his undying love, even to those who have been abused by the church which bears his name.

Is it wishy-washy to perceive Jesus in many different ways?

To experience him at one moment as your best friend and another moment as the mysterious peace that passes all human understanding? Which one of these gets it right? I don't want to choose.

Some days, I'm not at all sure that Jesus is God.

Then I go to church, and sooner or later we stand up to sing the Doxology.  And the mystery that I've been doubting comes clear as anything I've ever known as the organ roars and I belt those words, "Creator, Christ, and Holy Ghost."

Our uneasiness with Jesus may not derive from our doubt that God was in Jesus in a unique way.

Rather, our uneasiness may flow from our suspicion that it may be true, after all.  And if it is true, then we must confront God and confront ourselves more fully.  Who feels entirely ready for that?

With Paul I say, "I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith."

Sometimes still, the old voices of fear and embarrassment linger. They whisper and taunt, "You don't really believe that old story do you?" I do. And I join in the old, slightly embarrassing song, "Help of the helpless, O abide with me."

This is how I understand what it means that Jesus Christ is Lord.

By "Lord" I mean over all, beyond all, above all.  I need not bow down to illness or physical pain.  Nor do I need to bow down to states or churches.  There is something larger than everything else, and that is our "Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ."

Jesus the personal savior put his hands on my shoulders and asked me to surrender to him completely.

I did, and felt a lightness I had never felt before in my life, a light I still carry with me.

Loving Jesus in my heart is not where the emphasis belongs.

Paul said, I want to know Christ.  I believe I know Christ when I look carefully at what he says he is: the Way, not the answer; the Truth, not the solution; the Life, not deliverance from heartbreak.

I need redemption . . . every day.

Jesus' example and teaching continually make the offer I simply cannot refuse: "Come to me all who labor and are heavily weighed down. I will give you rest. Take my yoke and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart and you will find rest for your soul."

Jesus is the one who makes God real for me.

Without Jesus, God can seem distant from the kind of life I live.  When I recognize God in Jesus, however, God is brought into startling focus and becomes both close and real to me.

Jesus is the one who calls me out to the other on behalf of myself.

Jesus is the argument that you can have what you can let go of, and that you can't have what you can't release. Pouring out fills up.

Jesus was a man, but not just a man.

Is he also the savior of the world? I don't know, but I think of him that way, if only because the world and everyone in it so obviously needs saving.

Whenever I receive communion, I imagine receiving it from the hands of Jesus himself.

I then imagine asking Jesus each time if it's true he will take me just as I am, with all my flaws, all my woundedness. Is it true he can make my life a blessing? In song comes the only answer:  "All the fitness God requires / Is to feel your need of God."

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